Anne's Books translated and written by Yuko Matsumoto

Translations: 3 books

"Annotated Anne of Green Gables"
hardcover published by Shueisha in 1993, 20 printings,
paperback in 2000, 10 printings,
revised paperback in 2019 by Bungei Shunju.

-- by L. M. Montgomery, a Canadian author, first published in 1908 in US

This is the first whole Japanese translation of "Anne of Green Gables".

At the end of this book I added explanations of quotes from works by Shakespeare, Browning, Hemmans, Whittier, Longfellow, Tennyson, Lowell, Scott, Thomson, and etc.

I also wrote the explanations about the Presbyterian church, the ethnic background of characters, foods, plants, clothes, and Canadian life and politics in the 19th century.

See more about these quotes at The Montgomery Digital Library

"Annotated Anne of Avonlea"
hardcover, 2001, 3 printings,
paperback, 2005, 5 printings

-- by L. M. Montgomery, first published in 1909 in US

This is the first whole Japanese translation of "Anne of Avonlea".

This translation also has explanations and interpretations of quotes from many English, Scottish, and American poems.
I've found quotes by researching digital libraries on the Internet and consulting a lot of quotation dictionaries.
   "Annotated Anne of the Island"
Shueisha, paperback, 2008, 2 printings

-- by L.M. Montgomery,first published in 1915 in US

This is the first whole Japanese translation of "Anne of the Island".

I have found one hundred sixteen quotations from English, Scottish, and American literary classics, and wrote annotations about them.
   "Annotated Anne of Windy Willows"
will be published in Jan. 2020 by Bungei Shunju

--by L. M. Montgomery, first published in 1936.

I have just finished the translation and written the annotations about many quotations and Canadian life style.

Books related to Anne's books: 9 books

"The Story of Translating 'Anne of Green Gables' "

--An examination of research before internet was widespread in the first half of the 1990s; in order to find the original sources of many quotations in "Anne of Green Gables" I consulted many quotation dictionaries, online computer service, English and American literatures on CD-ROMs, the King James Version Bible on CD-ROM, and I built the digital database of English poems with a scanner and OCR software.
"Something Unknown about Anne And Montgomery; The Background of The Stories and The Author"
Shueisha, 2000, 5 printings

Chapter 1 : The Setting of "Anne of Green Gables"
* Canadian Society in Anne's Days
* The history of Prince Edward Island
* Daily life of the Island in the last 19th century; transportation, the differences between two political parties, industry, the relationship between English, French and Aboriginal people, the interest in Asia, family and religious life

Chapter 2 : All plants, flowers and woods in "Anne of Green Gables"
*Studies compare the plants' description in@English literature in the 19th century, and the Shakespearean plays.

Chapter 3 : Life History of L. M. Montgomery from her Journals and letters to her Scottish pen friends

Chapter 4 : My travels in Canada to follow Montgomery's foot steps
the birth place and the places before her marriage; P.E.I.,
*Her college days; Halifax in Nova Scotia,
*Her married life; Leaskdale and Norval in Ontario
*Her last house; Toronto in Ontario
"Shakespearean Plays, English, Scottish and American Poetry Quoted in Anne of Green Gables; To Resolving the Meanings of Each Quotation"
Shueisha, 2003, 3 printings

To explain each poem or play, and poet below.
To interpret Montgomery's intention of each quotes in AGG.

Chapter 1 : Shakespeare's Plays
"Romeo and Juliet" "Hamlet" "Julius Caesar" "Macbeth" "As You Like It" "Measure For Measure" "All's Well That Ends Well"

Chapter 2 : The meanings of 'Avonlea' and each Character's name

Chapter 3 : The Arthurian Legend and Tennyson's Poem "Idylls of the King"

Chapter 4 : English Literature by English Male Poets and Novelists

"Evelyn Hope" by Browning ,
"Christmas Carol" by Dickens,
"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Carroll, "
Child Harold's Pilgrimage" by Byron,
"Fairy Queen" by Percy,
"An Essay on Critic" by Pope,
"The Brook" by Tennyson,
"Ode: Intimations of Immortality" by Wordsworth
"The Palace of Art" by Tennyson,
"Pippa's Pass" by Browning

Chapter 5 : Poems by English, American Female poets
"Curfew Must Not Ring To-Night by Thorpe, "The Siege Of Valencia" by Hemmans, " Night-Scene In Genoa" by Hemmans, "Bingen On The Rhine" by Norton, "Aurora Leigh" by E. B. Browning, "Woman on The Battle Field" by Hemmans

Chapter 6 : The Scottish Literature; Montgomery's old country Poems
"Four Seasons" by Thomson, " Hohenlinden" by Campbell, "Downfall of Poland" by Campbell, "Edinburgh After Flodden" by Aytoun, "The Lady of The Lake" by Scott, "Marmion" by Scott, "Mary, Queen of Scots" by H. G. Bell, "The Maiden's Vow" by Macgregor, "Rob Roy" by Scott

Chapter 7 : The American Literature
"The Vision of Sir Launfal" by Lowell , "Cobbler Keezar's Vision" by Whittier, "The Morning Visit" by Holmes, "The Maidenhood" by Longfellow, "The Reapers and the Flowers" by Longfellow, "Snow Bound" by Whittier
"Anne's Phrases to encourage you in Anne of Green Gables"
Discover 21, 2001, 2 printings

A collection of phrases from my translation "Anne of Green Gables"

I've added a short comment to each phrase.
"Anne's Phrases to encourage you in Anne of Avonlea"
Discover 21, 2002

A collection of useful phrases from my translation of "Anne of Avonlea"

I've added a short comment to each phrase.
Every page is beautifully illustrated by Itsuko Azuma.
"The Journey to Anne of Green Gables or Hidden love and Mystery"

NHK Publishing, 2008, 5 printings

This book was approved as a recommendation book by All Nation School Libraries Association in 2013.
"To Prince Edward Island and the world of Anne of Green Gables." JTB Publishing, 2013, 2 printings

@An essay book about a journey to PEI and Montgomery's works.
The table of contents is as follows;
1. The Settings of Anne of Green Gables in Cavendish
(Green Gables, Brook, Haunted Woods, Lovers' Lane, Shore Road)
Places related to L.M.Montgomery
(Site of L.M.Montgomery's Cavendish Home, The Post Office, The Cemetery)
The Life of Montgomery (Chronology)
2. The Places of Anne and Montgomery
(New London, Park Corner, Long River, North Rustico, Dalvay, New Glasgow, French River,
Charlottetown, Lower Bedeque, Summerside, Bideford)

3. The Four Seasons on PEI
Flowers, Blossoms, and Plants with Excerpts from AGG
4. Enjoy the Island (Dining and Dishes, Accommodations, Souvenirs)
5. Introduction and Reflections on the entire Anne Series From AGG to The Blythes are Quoted
With a particular emphasis on the epigraphs in each book, which had not been translated into Japanese before.
6. Let's go to PEI! Travel Information

   "Enjoy Anne of Green Gables in English"
Japan Times, 2014, 9 printings

Two languages version; a text with a translation on opposite page, with the meanings of 2000 words, the explanations of grammars, 160 color photos of Prince Edward Island and Canada, taken by Yuko Matsumoto.

This book was translated and published in Korea.
 "Anne's Words to Encourage, Inspire, and Comfort You"
Syuhutoseikatsusha, 2014, 2 printings

Anne's words and an essay, beautifully illustrated on each page.

Yuko Matsumoto Ό–{˜ΠŽq
Author and Translator, An Executive director of Japan P.E.N. Club

Born in Shimane, Japan and graduated from Tsukuba University's Faculty of Social Science and majored in international politics. Appeared daily on TV Asahi's "News Station"from 1985-1988.

Received the 11th Subaru Literary Award for my first book, " For An Over Eating Girl, The Dawn Never Comes"("Kyosyokusyo No Akenai Yoake", published by Shueisha, 1988), which was in the top 10 best seller list during the first half year of 1988 in Japan. Then I became a professional writer.

In 2010 received the 29th Nitta Jiro Literary Award for the biocritical novel "Fireflies in Love; Tomie Yamazaki and Osamu Dazai"("Koi no Hotaru or Yamazaki Tomie and Dazai Osamu", published by Kobunsha, 2009).